Goals & Mission Statement & Particular Concerns


The Center seeks to promote faith and justice by enabling socially disadvantaged people to attain a basic standard of living and rights at work. By means of research, education and social action, the Center aims to help people and communities of low social standing develop. It also trains leaders, reinforces social action and seeks to expand its services.


Mission Statement

Living on the same earth we seek to enable all persons without distinction of any kind such as race, class, gender or political affiliation, to enjoy the fruits of social development.




Particular Concerns

The Rerum Novarum Center is the only comprehensive service Center in Taiwan catering to both local and migrant workers and engaged in both direct service and social action, education in rights and training workers in understanding their rights. It makes marginalised persons (indigenous people, migrant workers, new immigrants), women’s groups and others its priority. It enables them to attain equality and the opportunity to develop fully. It promotes joint participation in decision-making, sharing in, and assuming responsibility for, social movements and social development.