Services offered

On behalf of marginalised workers, the Rerum Novarum Center provides a conduit for legal advice and social welfare. For workers injured in industrial accidents it offers legal and social welfare resources and help in re-employment. It offers employment advice for indigenous people in the urban areas of northern Taiwan. In the south-central county of Nantou it provides services to indigenous households and women and has helped to reinvigorate the tea industry. For the indigenous areas of Xinzhu County, in northern Taiwan, it provides remedial tuition for middle school students and seeks to raise their grades so as to prevent them from dropping out of school. Service to migrant workers includes legal advice, asylum services, training in knowledge and skills of the workplace and other empowerment activities.

All areas of service offered include both care for individual cases and group training designed to raise awareness of labour rights and respect for gender equality. Whilst reinforcing the ability to deal with labour issues, the Center also seeks to enable workers to know each other better and so grow in their support for one another. Based on the organizational and structural problems that emerge in its handling of cases, the Center is able to work together with workers and with other civic groups and trade unions in calling on the government to amend labour laws and structures so as to benefit all workers.