1Q:  What should I do in the event of personal injury (physical violence)?

◆If your employer or agent has caused you physical or mental harm, please contact 1955 or 113 to complain immediately.

◆Evidence should be collected : doctor's medical certificate or pictures of injuries or recordings of being scolded with inhuman words.

2Q:  What should I do if I am sexually assaulted or raped?

◆If you are sexually assaulted or raped, please contact the 1955 or 113 hotline immediately and truthfully report the whole incident.

◆If possible, please maintain the situation of the incident, and collect all the evidences as much as possible (do not bathe or wash the dirty clothes), save all the evidences, send them to the hospital for examination or report it to the police station.

◆Leave safely, go to a nearby hospital for examination within 24 hours, or go to the police station to file a complaint and seek assistance.

◆Contact your trusted friend and truthfully tell the full story.

3Q: What should I do if I am sexually harassed? 

◆If the employer or agent is verbally abusive, or you are sexually harassed or abused, please call 1955 to file a complaint.

◆Collect audio recordings or photos as evidence as much as possible.

◆Contact your country's office in Taiwan, or an NGO that you know can assist you, and ask for assistance.

◆Contact your trusted friends and neighbors and truthfully tell the whole story.