1Q:  What do I need to know about repatriation?

◆Employers or agents cannot forcibly repatriate migrant workers. They must have reasons for repatriation. To avoid disputes, you must go to the Labor Bureau (Reconstruction Office) for verification.

2Q:  What are the grounds for repatriation?

◆When a migrant worker violates any of the following provisions, he will be repatriated:

 ✓Migrant workers are not allowed to work part-time.

✓Should not violate Taiwan laws and regulations.

✓No forgery of documents.

✓Cannot overstay.

✓No drug use or drug trafficking.

✓The migrant worker received three warning notices from the employer.

3Q:  What do I need to know if I am forcibly removed?

◆The employer terminates the migrant worker's contract without valid reasons (that is, the migrant worker has not violated any laws or regulations), and the migrant worker has not received a warning (regarding deportation) from the employer. The migrant worker must notify the following :

 ✓24-hour foreign worker consultation hotline (1955)

✓Local labor administration units (foreign labor consulting service center)

✓Embassy / Representative Office of your country, or any NGO