1Q:  What do I need to know regarding repatriation?

◆Should you need to terminate your contract for some reasons during your employment period, and in order to prevent any labor dispute, you must go to the labor bureau in your area of jurisdiction to process the termination of employment.

2Q:  What are the grounds for repatriation?

◆When the worker breaks any of the following rules, he/she will be repatriated:

✓A migrant worker cannot accept part-time work.

✓He/she should not violate any Taiwan laws and regulations.

✓He/she should not forge any documents.

✓He/she cannot overstay in Taiwan.

✓The use or selling of drugs is prohibited.

✓The worker must behave properly (not to cause any trouble in the workplace)

✓The migrant worker receives 3 warning letters from the employer.

3Q:  What do I need to know in case of “forced” repatriation?

◆When the employer has no valid reason to terminate the contract of the worker (i.e., the worker did not violate any laws or regulations), and the worker did not receive any warning from the employer regarding repatriation, the worker must report the incident to the following :

✓Migrant’s Hotline (1955)

✓BLA-FWCSC (Bureau of Labor Affair – Foreign Workers Counseling Service Center) in his/her district

✓Embassy of your country, or any NGO