Q:  What are considered “illegal acts” that workers must be aware of ?

Runaway. If a worker is not able to inform the management or broker about his/her whereabouts within 72 hours, he/she may be considered as a “runaway.”

Undocumented. The worker who has no proper documents is illegal in Taiwan.

Forging of Documents. The worker must not forge any document.

Overstaying. The worker should not overstay in Taiwan.

Drug Trafficking. The use or selling of illegal drugs is punishable by law.

Part-time Work. Foreign contract workers are prohibited to have part-time jobs.

NOTE: To avoid problems (i.e. the aforementioned cases):

◆Follow the rules and regulation of the host country and the company policies as stated in your contract.

◆Respect the right of privacy/confidentiality of work.

◆Honesty, diligence and patience will help one to earn the trust of those he serves