1.  What are considered “illegal behavior” that migrant workers must be aware of ?

Unknown whereabouts : If the migrant worker does not inform the employer within 72 hours (within three days), the migrant worker's whereabouts will be regarded as "unaccounted for".

Undocumented : Migrant workers without legal documents are illegal in Taiwan.

Forged documents : Migrant workers should not forge any document.

Overstay :  Migrant workers should not overstay in Taiwan outside the contract.

Drug Trafficking : The use or sale of drugs will be severely punished by law.

Part-time Job : Foreign contract workers are not allowed to do other jobs concurrently.

2. NOTE: Ways to avoid the above problems

◆Comply with the laws and regulations of the country in which you work, as well as contractual regulations.

◆Respect professional privacy and confidentiality.

◆Honesty, perseverance and patience will help people gain the trust of those they serve.