1Q:  What department is responsible for hiring migrant workers?

◆The Labor Department is directly in-charge of the procedures for hiring migrant workers.

2Q:  Memorandum before leaving home country?

◆We encourage migrant workers to attend the Pre-departure Orientation Seminar. Please pay attention and remember important contact numbers and procedures in Taiwan.

◆Migrant workers must prepare several copies of their passports and contracts (one for their family members and one for the migrant workers to keep) because when they arrive at the irport, the Taiwanese agency/broker will ask for all documents.  Sometimes, the mobile phone and SIM card are also taken away by the broker, leaving the worker without any means of contact.


1Q:  What do I need to know after arriving in Taiwan?

◆First, the migrant workers will be taken to the labor unit for entry notification.  Within 3 days after entering the country, the broker will bring the migrant worker to the labor unit to report the migrant workers' arrival in Taiwan.

◆Second, you will undergo medical check-up. You will be repatriated immediately in case you have a contagious disease.

◆Third, you will be taken to the Immigration Office for fingerprinting and a residence permit (ARC) application.

✓Remember not to sign any documents that you do not understand, and do not sign on a blank paper. Be sure to read the contents carefully before signing, because everything you sign will be used against you when there is a problem.

✓Home caregivers and domestic helpers will be brought to the employer's home and will start working on the same day.

2Q:   How to apply for an ARC (Alien Residence Certificate)?

◆The broker or employer must accompany the migrant worker to apply for the residence permit (ARC).

◆Documents to bring : Employment Contract, passport and 2 ID pictures.

◆Fill in the application form (Alien Residence Certificate application), if your contract is 3 years, you need to pay the application fee of NT$3,000.


 Q:  What do I need to know before leaving Taiwan?

◆There will be a verification interview before departure, and the labor administration personnel will ask if the contract expires? Have both parties (migrant workers and employers) settled their salaries? If there is any objection, it should be expressed at that time.