1Q:  What department is in charge of the hiring procedure for Foreign Contract Workers?

◆The Workforce Development Agency, Ministry of labor is directly in charge of hiring procedure for Foreign Contract Workers.

2Q:  What to remember before leaving the home country?

◆The applicant is encouraged to attend the Pre-departure Orientation Seminar with full attention, jotting down important contact numbers and procedures in living in a foreign land.

◆The worker must prepare copies of the contract and passport (one copy for the family and one copy for the worker), since the broker would get all the documents upon arrival at the airport. Sometimes, even cell phone or sim-card is taken from you, leaving you without any means of contact in case of problems.


1Q:  What do I need to know upon arrival in Taiwan?

◆First, you will be brought to the Bureau of Labor to sign the incoming notification. You will be brought by your broker to the FWCSC in 3 days time to report your arrival in Taiwan.

◆Second, you will undergo medical check up. You might be repatriated right away in case of appearance of stool in your bowel.

◆Third, you will be brought to the NIA office (National Immigration Bureau) for fingerprinting and ARC filing.

✓Remember not to sign anything you do not understand, nor sign a blank paper. Make sure to read everything that is being laid to you before signing, as all of it will be used against you in time of trouble.

✓Household worker will be brought and introduced to the employer and may start work the same day

2Q:   How to apply for an ARC (Alien Residence Certificate)?

◆The broker/employer should accompany the worker in applying for ARC.

◆Bring the following: contract, passport and 2 ID pictures.

◆Fill up the right form (Alien Residence Certificate application), and pay the necessary fee of NT$3,000. Usually ARC for workers is valid for 3 years.


 Q:  What is an outgoing notification?

◆This is a kind of exit-interview before leaving Taiwan – whether the contract is finished or not, or both parties (worker and employer) are free of financial liabilities.