1Q:  What is a labor contract?

◆A deed is an original document in your name and your employer's name that describes the obligations and responsibilities of both parties.

2Q: How long is the duration of each contract for working in Taiwan?

◆Each contract is valid for 3 years.

◆When the term of work expires, you can choose to renew the employment or transfer out after the term expires.

◆According to the Taiwan Employment Service Law, a migrant worker can work in Taiwan for up to 12-14 years. If you perform well, you can apply to the Ministry of Labor to be a mid-level skilled worker to continue working in Taiwan.

3Q:  Before signing the contract, what should I pay attention to?

◆Be sure to read and understand the contents written on the contract, and everything is clearly written in the native language of the migrant workers.

◆Migrant workers must be free/not forced to sign contracts.

◆Migrant workers need to know whether they are qualified for the job.

◆Migrant workers should be mature enough to deal with personal issues (e.g. be ready to be away from loved ones at any time) and must be emotionally stable.

4Q: What if I am asked to sign documents in Chinese?

◆Do not sign any documents that are not in your native language. Everything should be clearly translated.

5Q:  What if I am asked to sign a blank paper (blank contract)?

◆Never sign on blank paper (blank contract).

6Q: What are the reasons for termination of the contract?

◆Employer goes bankrupt

◆Use of illegal drugs

◆Forgery of work permits, passports, ARCs and other documents

◆Criminal acts such as theft or robbery.

7Q: What if I cannot perform the contract?

◆For factory workers, maintenance agency caregivers, construction workers, and fishermen, the company usually requires migrant workers to sign and agree to terminate the contract. Usually both the company and the migrant worker are protected.

◆Please note that migrant workers cannot leave the company or terminate their contracts without following legal procedures.

◆If forced to terminate the contract, the migrant worker has the right to appeal to 1955, provided that the migrant worker has not violated any item of the contract.

◆No Fines : The regulations stipulate that employers cannot demand fines from migrant workers who fail to perform their contracts. because they are pro-laborers' rights, unless the fines are recorded in the contract. Caregivers and domestic helpers who work at home should not enter into any contracts that agree to fines.