1Q:   What are the legal fees I need to pay to the broker in my country?

◆According to Taiwan regulations, the legal fees that will be incurred by the applicant must only be equivalent to his one-month salary .

2Q:  Is it legal for an agent to collect payment (referral payment)?

◆No, it is not legal for agents to charge the applicant of any fee prior to the recruitment.

3Q:  What are the legal fees I need to pay to the broker of the host country?

◆NT$ 1,800 for the first year, NT$ 1,700 for the second year, and NT$ 1,500 for the third and succeeding years.

4Q:  Do I need to pay to the broker for direct hiring

◆No, you do not need to pay the broker in Taiwan or in your home country.

5Q:  What if the figures (statement of expenses) in the contract are inaccurate?

◆When you report to POEA for the authentication of the contract, an officer will ask you if the fees indicated in that table are correct. Report to the officer the errors in the figures. The POEA can give sanctions to those brokers who violate the rules.

6Q:  What are the responsibilities of the host-country broker?

◆Taiwan brokers must provide the following services to the workers:

✓airport service (inbound and outbound)

✓transportation and food allowances during medical examination

✓food and accommodation during the waiting period (transfer proceedings)

✓assistance regarding translation (in filing ARC certificate, on-site orientation, negotiation in times of dispute with employer, during meetings with government agencies, in filing necessary documents like tax, etc.)

Note: The brokers see to it that workers receive their benefits and promote their safety, as they are accountable to them during the time of employment.

7 Q:  What about Social Security System insurance (SSS)?

◆According to the new regulation of POEA, every worker must apply and pay dues for his/her SSS, the benefits as follows: retirement age, disability, Sick, maternity leave.