1Q:  Do I have the right to ask for a day-off?

◆The law states that workers are entitled to a one day rest within 7 days.

◆However, depending on the agreement, the worker may serve during days-off as long the employer pays him/her the due compensation.

◆Asking for a day-off is encouraged. It is necessary that both workers and employers establish a relationship based on trust.

2Q:  What if I am asked to sign a contract without day-off?

◆If necessary, do not sign any side-agreement that is against your will.

◆If the agreement violates human rights, then you have the right to file a complaint.

◆A certain statement in Taiwan Law declares that “Anything that has been agreed by the employer and worker is legal.” Thus, if you sign an agreement without clarifying or understanding the document, it might be used against you. Hence, awareness is necessary.