1Q:   What are the regulations for health check (link is external)?

◆The number and time of health checks required by the government for migrant workers in the contract:

✓First time : within 3 days after entering the country

✓Second time : work for 6 months

✓Third time : work for 18 months

 ✓Fourth time : 30 months of work

2.Q:  What if there is something wrong with my heaIth check result?

◆Failed fecal test, sufficient grounds for repatriation. However, you will have a two-week treatment period and retest.

◆If the chest X-ray tuberculosis test fails : the hospital will notify the employer to take you for a re-examination within 15 days after receiving the health examination certificate. Employers can apply for treatment in Taiwan. If they fail to apply or complete the treatment, they will be repatriated according to regulations.

◆Syphilis serum test failed : The certificate of completion of treatment should be obtained within 30 days from the next day after receiving the certificate of health examination.

◆The stool test for intestinal parasites fails : Those who are positive for intestinal parasites (not belonging to Amoeba dysentery) should go to the designated hospital for treatment and re-examination within 65 days. Those who are positive for Amoeba dysentery should go to a designated hospital for treatment within 65 days and have three negative re-examinations.  Those who do not cooperate with epidemic prevention will be repatriated according to regulations.

◆Failed to pass the medical examination for Han illness : within 15 days from the next day after receiving the certificate of health examination, go to the designated institution for re-examination. Employers can apply for treatment in Taiwan. If they fail to apply or complete the treatment, they will be repatriated according to regulations.

(◆HIV infection : Employers or agents are no longer allowed to require migrant workers to be tested for HIV or to provide test results. In the past, migrant workers were required to be tested for HIV, and the government also required repatriation of HIV-infected persons. However, with the development of medical care, AIDS has stabilized. Medical treatment can be well controlled, and in response to the protection of human rights, Taiwan has promulgated some amendments to the "Regulations on Prevention and Control of Human Immunodeficiency Virus Infection and Protection of Rights and Interests of Infected Persons" since February 4, 2015, which has cancelled foreign HIV infection. Therefore, migrant workers do not need to be repatriated because of HIV infection. Please refer to : Q&A for migrant workers who learned about HIV infection after arriving in Taiwan Chinese (link is external) and English (link is external).

3Q:   What kind of medical insurance policy do you have?

◆According to Taiwan regulations, employers must provide health insurance for migrant workers. Employers pay 75% of insurance premiums each month and migrant workers pay the remaining 25%.

4Q:   How can I protect myself from danger and accidents?

◆Migrant workers need to learn to use the protective equipment themselves : helmets, goggles, boots, gloves, masks, earplugs or whatever can protect themselves from hazardous chemicals or workplace engine-intensity noise.

5Q:   In the event of an accident or the death of a migrant worker, who should be held responsible?

◆Employers are responsible for the safety of migrant workers. Employers are responsible for obtaining labor insurance for migrant workers. In the event of an accident or injury in the workplace (called an occupational accident), the employer is legally responsible for medical expenses, and in the event of the death of a migrant worker, the employer pays all statutory costs.

◆If the employer fails to fulfill its obligations, the agency company in the country of work and the home country must be held responsible.

6Q:   If the family member of the migrant worker dies, how can the migrant worker apply? (Only applicable to factory workers, maintenance workers, construction workers, fishermen)

◆For foreign migrant workers who participate in labor insurance, if your parents, spouse or children die, you can apply for death and funeral allowances for family members according to regulations.

◆Foreign migrant workers must fill in the application form and attach a copy of the death certificate, family relationship certificate, passport and residence permit. (Photocopy of passport and residence permit, please add the signature and seal of the insured, and indicate that it is consistent with the original)

◆The attached documents are produced by non-government agencies of our country and should be verified by the following units :

(1) Those produced abroad shall be verified by Chinese embassies, consulates, representative offices, offices or other agencies authorized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Department re-examination. (The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has the right to decide whether to accept or not depending on the nature of the documents to be re-examined and how to handle them. If you have any doubts, please contact the Consular Affairs Bureau of the Ministry. Tel: 02-23432888)

(2) Producers in the mainland area should be notarized by the mainland notary office and verified by Taiwan Straits Exchange Foundation.

(3) Those produced in Hong Kong or Macau should be verified by the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office of Taiwan in Hong Kong or Macau.

(4) If the attached documents are in foreign languages, a Chinese translation certified by the units listed in the above points or certified by a court or a domestic notary should be attached (death certificates and family relationship certificates with sufficient identification are not required to be attached to English documents. Chinese translation).

◆Ask your company (employer or agency) to handle it on your behalf, or you can go to the Bureau of Labor Insurance to go through the formalities yourself.

✓Fill up an application form from your company (broker or HR office personnel).

✓Provide 3 copies of your passport, ARC and contract.

✓Request for authentication from MECO.

✓Secure death certificate.

✓Provide proof of relationships (e.g. birth certificate or marriage contract).

✓Secure authentication from Census, Malacanang, DFA and TECO, provide 3 copies of each documents.

✓Include copies of all your personal identification cards: SSS/Tin #, voter’s ID, postal ID. (For those with late registration of birth certificate, please include your school records.)

✓Ask your office to submit the application for you to be processed by the Labor Insurance Bureau.