1Q:   What are the rules about medical examination?

◆It is a requirement that a migrant worker has to pass the medical examinations:

✓First: within 3 days upon arrival in Taiwan

✓Second: on the 6th month upon arrival in Taiwan

✓Third: on the 18th and 30th months upon arrival in Taiwan

2.Q:  What if I have some problems with medical result?

◆Failing the stool test is enough ground for you to be repatriated. You will be given 2 weeks to take medication; then you will be asked for re-examination.

◆Sicknesses like TB (Tuberculosis), HIV, AIDS are grounds for repatriation.

3Q:   What about Health Insurance Policy?

◆According to Taiwan regulation, the employer must apply for the worker’s health insurance. The employer pays 75% of the amount and the worker pays the remaining 25%.

4Q:   How can a migrant protect himself from hazards and accident?

◆Migrants need to learn to use PPE tools as protective measure for themselves: gloves, mask, ear plug or anything to protect them from hazardous chemicals in the workplace.

5Q:   In case of accident or death of a worker, who will take the responsibility?

◆The employer is the one responsible for the safety of the workers. He has the responsibility to file labor insurance for them. In case of accidents or injury at work and workers need medication, the employer has to pay for the medical expenses incurred. In case of death, all expenses incurred must be paid by the employer.

◆If, for some reason, the employer failed to render his obligation to the worker, the brokers of the host and sending country are held accountable to the worker.

6Q:   How can a worker claim benefits in case of death of his family member(s)?

◆Death claims are only for those who have labor insurance filed for them by their employers (mostly those working in factories).

✓Fill up an application form from your company (broker or HR office personnel).

✓Provide 3 copies of your passport, ARC and contract.

✓Request for authentication from MECO.

✓Secure death certificate.

✓Provide proof of relationships (e.g. birth certificate or marriage contract).

✓Secure authentication from Census, Malacanang, DFA and TECO, provide 3 copies of each documents.

✓Include copies of all your personal identification cards: SSS/Tin #, voter’s ID, postal ID. (For those with late registration of birth certificate, please include your school records.)

✓Ask your office to submit the application for you to be processed by the Labor Insurance Bureau.