1Q:  What are the legal grounds or reasons for transfer (changing employers)?

◆Death of ward.

◆Employer cannot pay wages or goes bankrupt.

◆Illegal work caught in the act by Labor inspectors or police force.

◆Personal safety is violated or treated improperly (Sexual and physical harassment).

◆Other issues not attributable to migrant workers.

2Q:  What is the proper procedure for transfer (change employers)?

◆Two or three parties must sign a document agreeing to the transfer.

◆Sign the documents for changing jobs and wait for the approval of the Ministry of Labor. This process takes two to three weeks.

◆Migrant workers who change employers can go to employment service stations or direct hire center for interview with new employers for job opportunities.

◆With the assistance of the former broker and the broker of the new employer, the new contract will be signed and submitted at the Employment Service Center.